The First Loose Tooth: A Rite Of Passage

DO YOU REMEMBER losing your first tooth? Maybe it happened later than for your classmates, or maybe you fell down on the playground and it came out before you knew it was loose. However it happens, losing that first tooth is a big deal for every kid. As parents, we want to make sure it’s a […]

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Parker Movie’s in the Park

KidstoothDoc will be sponsoring Parker’s Movies in the Park this summer at O’Brien Park in Downtown Parker! The movie this Saturday is “Incredibles2”! Bring you family, friends and all the kids and be sure to stop by our booth!

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Englewood’s Great Egg Scramble

KidstoothDoc will once again be happily sponsoring the Great Egg Scramble. Look for our booth and stop by to say hello! The event has been rescheduled to Saturday, April 20. Gates open at 9:30 see you there!

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KidstoothDoc is open today, April 11!

Good morning Englewood, Littleton, Greenwood Village and all of the South Metro. Looks like we survived another blizzard! KidstoothDoc will be opening at 9:00am today. Drive safely!

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Let’s Talk About Baby Teeth!

THE SMILE OF a happy child is one of the best things in the world. Unfortunately, dental caries (tooth decay) is the most common chronic disease of childhood. We want those smiles to stay as healthy as possible, which is why we’re dedicating a blog post to baby teeth dental care. Baby Teeth Matter Because […]

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Congrats to our 5280 magazine TOP DENTISTS!

We are thrilled that, once again, our pediatric dentists – Robin Yamaguma, Kathleen Waguespack and Julie LeBlanc – were named TOP DENTISTS by Denver’s 5280 Magazine! We know that our patient families love our docs and it’s really great for them to be recognized by their professional peers as well! (But don’t worry, we won’t […]

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Train Your Child To Be A Flossing Ninja!!

BEING A GOOD NINJA isn’t just about mastering the nunchaku and learning to move about completely undetected; it’s also about keeping one’s teeth and gums healthy and strong. One of our greatest weapons against gum disease and tooth decay is a good flossing habit. The Importance Of Flossing To The Path Of The Ninja You […]

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Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth The Healthy Way

EVERYONE LOVES A good sweet snack once in a while, but unfortunately, that includes the bacteria in our mouths. Those little germs’ favorite food in the world is sugary treats, and the more sugar they get, the more they put our teeth at risk of tooth decay. So how can you satisfy your sweet tooth […]

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Keep the Chocolate – and Your Teeth

Wouldn’t it be nice to indulge your junior chocoholic? (And—let’s face it—wouldn’t you like to indulge, too?) Research shows that there is no need to completely avoid this delicious treat. In fact, dark chocolate has many potential health benefits that outnumber the risks, so add it to your grocery list. Dark chocolate that is composed […]

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Congratulations to our Top Docs!

The magazine 5280 came out with their list of top dentists for 2018 and once again all of our pediatric dentists, Dr. Robin Yamaguma, Kathleen Waguespack, Julie LeBlanc, along with our founder, Dr. Lisa Fox, were given this honor.

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