1. Payment is due at the time of the treatment
  2. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover
  3. Outside financing is available through Care Credit.  Contact www.carecredit.com for additional information.

Insurance.  We accept most insurance plans including Medicaid and CHP+.  However, you are responsible for understanding your dental benefits including its limitations and deductibles so that you can be prepared to pay your share, if any,  on the day the services are rendered.  Please contact your insurance company or benefits coordinator with any questions about your coverage or your plan.

Please provide us with all your dental insurance information at the time of your appointment.  As a courtesy, we will be happy to help you by filing your insurance claims.

Any recommended treatment for your child is determined solely by the needs of the child and is not influenced in any way by your insurance policy.

Listed below are KidsToothDoc’s standard fees for common dental procedures. These fees are not reflective of contracts KidsToothDoc has entered into with various dental insurance providers. Contracted dental insurance fees vary widely with different dental insurance companies. If you have dental insurance, consult with your benefits provider or your benefits handbook for dental procedure fees that may be unique to your dental insurance.

Topical Fluoride Varnish – $45.00
Oral Evaluation Patient Under 3 – $50.00
Prophylaxis – Child – $76.00
Periodic Oral Examination – $60.00
Bitewings – Two Films – $52.00
Sealant – $65.00
Analgesia – $60.00
Intraoral-Occlusal Film – $33.00
Resin-Based Composite – One Surface – $190.00
Comprehensive Oral Examination – $105.00
Resin-Based Composite – Two Surface – $235.00
Prefab Stainless Steel Crown -Primary – $310.00
Panoramic Film – $130.00
Extract Erupted Tooth – $265.00
Limited Oral Exam – Problem Focused – $88.00