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Are Dental X-Rays Necessary for Children

American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry’s Dr. Paul Casamassimo was recently featured in The New York Times….. Are Dental X-Rays Necessary for Children? According to the article: “Cavities between teeth are best caught early. If you wait until you can see it without an X-ray, “that tooth is in big trouble,” possibly requiring a root canal […]

Are there any health drawbacks related to drinking sparkling water?

This question was posed to the “Ask Well” column of the New York Times and here is the answer: Plain seltzer or sparkling water’s lack of sugar, calories, added colors or artificial flavors and its relatively low acidity makes it a generally healthy choice compared to most beverage options on the market, including most sodas, […]

Fat, Salt and Sugar: Not All Bad

We are always talking to our families about the importance of children’s diet. Here is some additional advice from our friends at the American Association of Pediatrics: Forcing children to eat food doesn’t work. Neither does forbidding foods. When children think that a food is forbidden by their parents, the food often becomes more desirable. […]