Halloween and Kids: All that candy!

So Halloween 2013 has come and gone. Your ballerina fairy princess and her ninja wizard warrior brother now possess bags of goodies that weighs almost as much as they do. You are faced with a couple of decisions: how to sneak a few pieces of your favorite candy out of the bag without your children noticing and then figure out what to do with all the rest of the candy.

Pediatric dentist Dr. Kathleen Waguespack (Dr. Wags) at KidstoothDoc gives the following advice to candy-overloaded Halloween parents: Carefully sort through the candy. Many hard, sticky candies can become stuck between teeth and are difficult to brush away and should be avoided. If your child is allowed to consume too many sweets, he or she can be at risk of developing cavities. So the days after Halloween are a great time to make sure your children maintain good brushing and flossing habits.

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